Paul Savramis Recalls Fond Memories with Members of the Rising Stars Hall of Fame

Paul SavramisAs the founder of the nationally renowned youth program Rising Stars, Paul Savramis has made an impact in the lives of youth through a number of motivational initiatives that make a meaningful difference in the development of children during the formative years of HS. In 2010, Rising Stars instituted a Hall of Fame that would acknowledge some of the individuals who helped turn the program from a promising upstart to a tremendous force in the fields of youth sports and education.

Paul Savramis has had the honor of working with three NBA legends in particular: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Bird and Johnson both attended one of Savramis’ camps in the years they earned the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award. Through his early work at Converse, Paul Savramis was able to meet and work with these two superstar athletes. Meanwhile, Michael Jordan also participated in a Rising Stars clinic at the pinnacle of his outstanding career.

Paul SavramisThis trio of Basketball Hall of Fame inductees served as an inspiration to all of the Rising Stars coaches by motivating kids and setting an example by their words and actions. Each coach and camper was truly moved by the experience, reports Paul Savramis. Magic Johnson garnered the kids’ attention right from the start with his entertaining style. He stressed the importance of long-term improvement while encouraging them to have fun in the process.

Paul SavramisRising Stars participants became versed in the art of humility by observing how Michael Jordan handled his extraordinary fame, says Paul Savramis. The enduring memory of Larry Bird was also a fond one, recalls Savramis. He came across as a normal, down-to-earth man who made a significant impact on these young people through his soft-spoken demeanor.

By using the power of celebrity, these NBA legends encouraged youth to invest in their futures while instilling confidence, self-respect and other core values that will take them far in their travels. Paul Savramis is eternally grateful for their contributions to this vital mission.