Paul Savramis of Rising Stars Discusses the Foundation of Academic Support Programs

goldstar2-2-150x150Q: What are the major academic programs offered through the Rising Stars organization?

Paul Savramis: Rising Stars offers four academic support programs: academic plus programs, tutoring, college ready guidance, and counseling. These programs allow Rising Stars participants a better opportunity to succeed in their educational goals.

Q: How does the academic plus program assist Rising Stars participants?

Paul Savramis:  It helps at risk students that would struggle with public school by offering them the opportunity of private school education. Quality learning institutions in the New York City area that are a part of our support programs include Long Island Lutheran, Holy Cross, Chaminade and Holy Trinity. The team at Rising Stars identifies students who would benefit most from a private school education at an early age. Once a student is accepted for attendance at a private school under this program, coaches keep track of their academic performance as well as their overall progress.

Q: What qualifications are necessary for admittance into the academic plus program?

Paul Savramis: Students are required to be a part of our yearly programs at least two years prior to entering HS and maintain a solid grade point average with report cards examined four times a year to ensure a high level of academic performance. If a student is having difficulty with academic work while in the program, private tutoring sessions may be offered. That is where our academic support program steps in.
Q: How does Rising Stars prepare students for college?
Paul Savramis: Once a student reaches his or her junior year of high school, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to make choices about college. For this reason, Rising Stars has developed a series of college ready seminars designed to help students make vital decisions about their future.

Q: Where can Rising Stars participants turn if they need extra help?
Paul Savramis: Rising Stars also offers counseling services and a college clearing house resource to help students make important decisions. Students may need assistance with obtaining letters of recommendations and completing college applications. Because many students have difficulty affording the cost of college, Rising Stars has also established a resource program to offer assistance with those efforts as well.