Paul Savramis | Rising Stars Education Fund Enriches Students

Many students need a helping hand to find their place in the world. Now, many have a solid foundation thanks to the Rising Stars education fund and scholarship programs, says Paul Savramis.

Rising Stars has long demonstrated an unwavering devotion to enriching the lives of underserved youth. A key component for many of the organization’s participants has been the scholarship funds available to students who show unreserved commitment to bettering themselves and their communities. Paul Savramis recently announced that Rising Stars has streamlined the application process, which is now accessible online.

Making a Difference, Every Day

Rising Stars is more than just basketball, emphasizes Paul Savramis. It is an outreach program with strong ties to the community. Through the organization’s education fund, Rising Stars offers financial and academic support to students seeking to make a better life for themselves and their families. Students like 2015 graduate Curtis Jenkins, who recently signed a letter of intent to Molloy College. And Evelyn, a recent Binghamton University scholarship recipient and LI Lutheran student from Nigeria whose coach says her academic and athletic success “was all made possible because of the efforts made by the Rising Stars Program.”

Multiple Funds

Rising Stars offers scholarship programs for both high school and college students. Paul Savramis explains that the money put aside in these programs allow dozens of students each year to receive an education otherwise out of their reach. Currently, Rising Stars offers 11 different scholarships for program participants through the tri-state area. In 2014, the group added the Tyrone Green Memorial Scholarship to honor founding member and youth advocate Tyrone Green.

An Investment for all Parties

Academic scholarships, says Paul Savramis, are based on specific criteria. First, a student must be a member of the Rising Stars programs a minimum of two years and show an outstanding dedication to academics and his or her community. Additionally, funds are set aside for children whose personal family and financial situation would limit their educational resources. The student and his or her family must commit to making minor contributions toward the child’s tuition to help create ownership in the future of the child’s success.

Online Registration Available

In order to make access to financial aid more accessible to all eligible students, Rising Stars has recently begun offering online applications for tutoring grant and academic scholarships. This multi-page application is often a child’s first step toward a better life. Click here for more information.