Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis applauds Carmelo Anthony as being an Inspiration to Young Lives

Paul SavramisDecember 19, 2016

Carmelo Anthony and his namesake nonprofit organization recently rewarded 200 local children with an amazing night of friendship and fun. Rising Stars Founder and President Paul Savramis reported that a half dozen Rising Stars student athletes were among the lucky attendees.

“ We are proud to see our program represented and equally proud to see these kids recognized for what they are doing “ said Savramis.

Savramis added,”There is never a shortage of reports on the negatives surrounding sports and athletes so it’ a refreshing change of pace to see a focus placed on oft the many positives that are there as well.”

On December 19, Carmelo Anthony joined 200 eager middle school students for a screening of the new hit movie Sing. According to Paul Savramis, the night was cold but the welcome was warm and excitement was most definitely in the air.

The children, says Paul Savramis, were hand-selected by Anthony and coordinators at the Carmelo Anthony Foundation. The event, A Very Melo Christmas, is an annual holiday tradition that provides an evening of fun for the area’s youth. Children were invited to attend based on an essay written about themselves that relate how they have shown an attitude of determination and unselfish nature throughout the previous year.

The Carmelo Anthony Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on three key areas: community outreach, recreation, and education.

Paul Savramis added  that these ideals align perfectly with the philosophy and mission of Rising Stars and that giving back to the community was as much of a Rising Stars teams life as daily practice and games.

The student athletes in attendance were given the opportunity to pose with Anthony during a walk down the red carpet, which had been rolled out especially for Anthony’s young guests.

About Carmelo Anthony

At 6’8”, Carmelo Anthony towers over the world around him. However, he started out at what many would consider the bottom. Born in Brooklyn’s Redhook Projects, Anthony’s father passed away when he was just two years old. His mother moved the family to Baltimore where the future Olympic Gold Medalist turned his basketball skills into a way out of poverty. Paul Savramis praises Anthony for his positive attitude and desire to make his community a better place for all.