Paul Savramis and Rising Stars Host College Night

September was a busy month for parents, teachers, and students getting back into the swing of things for the 2017/2018 school year. Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars, reports that despite tedious schedules, there was a full house at the organization’s recent college night. Savramis offers a few details below.

Q: What was the main topic of discussion at the event?

Paul Savramis: Pinnacle Consultants, the group that led our seminar, focused on applications for college. Many hopeful college students and their families find that process confusing or have trouble understanding what documents are required. Pinnacle walked them through the admissions process, thereby giving our student athletes the confidence (and tools) to move forward.

Q: How many families took advantage of the opportunity?

Paul Savramis: We had around 40 families attend. Speaking with the parents after, it became clear that this needs to be a yearly event. Many noted there was so much more to it than they would have imagined.

Q: Which student athletes was the event geared toward?

Paul Savramis: All of our program participants were welcome to attend, but the talk centered more on those who play sports in high school as well as those who plan to continue their athletic career through college and beyond. At the conclusion of the night, each family was given a folder with more information and further reading.

Q: How does playing sports in high school lend to the college admissions process?

Paul Savramis: One of the most important aspects for students is that playing sports opens them up to a whole group of mentors and coaches. These individuals not only help them navigate school, but can provide valuable references when it’s time to enroll. Sports also leads to community involvement, which many colleges actively seek on admissions applications.

Paul Savramis