Paul Savramis, At 66 Still the Artist at Heart – Part 1

Paul SavramisEarly training, and avid interest in art remain as a driving force in the life and work of Rising Stars Youth Foundation Founder and President Paul Savramis.

The demands and rigors of day to day may have changed somewhat for Rising Stars Youth Foundation Founder Paul Savramis but they certainly have not lessened.

We caught up with Paul at a recent Rising Stars event and the topic he wanted to discuss surprised us. Savramis was talking about creating new shirts, brochures, and website designs and how art, marketing, and design continue to play a big part of his daily life. “I can’t slow down, nor do I ever want to”, Savramis shared. “Purpose is everything! The day is totally different for me when it starts with a challenge or the prospect of a new project.”Paul Savramis

Savramis continued, “Having Danny (RSYF Executive Director) taking on the mundane day-to-day foundation work is a godsend! Dan is amazing in the way he has put together an infrastructure staff that takes care of every aspect of the foundation. We now have directors of basketball operations for boys and girls, educational specialists, and a full complement of departmental expertise that allows me to do what I love best- At my pace and my time frame.”

That love is to continue to serve as RSYF ambassador and President but to also now look at outreach and new program development. That effort alone has more than tripled new RSYF initiatives over the past two years and created a valuable pipeline for Rising Stars core and fundamental purpose- To Promote Education.      

Paul SavramisAdding to that, a new and essential partnership and collaboration with the Long Island YMCA’s were created by Savramis over the past two years. Rounding out his efforts with new program development Savramis brought Rising Stars together with 6th Boro Hoops a basketball program centered in Westchester and founded by Rising Star alumni and former Savramis student Nihad Musovich.

These additions were instrumental to Rising Stars expansion to new areas and the creation of a grassroots pipeline that created more applications for the educational and community support programs. They also have strengthened the basketball platform winning five league championships this past summer and the North East Regional championship of the Junior NBA.

For Paul Savramis, all of the above continue to feed the need for his efforts with RSYF but also allow him to take the time to satisfy his need to get back to his early passion for creative art and design and the hobbies he enjoyed in college.