Paul Savramis, At 66 Still the Artist at Heart – Part 2

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis, Art Inspired by Mothers Internationally Acclaimed Talent. Paul Savramis may be the founder of the Rising Stars Youth Foundations Basketball and Educational Platforms, but he is also the creative brains behind the non-profit marketing materials, logos and shirt designs.

In this follow up posting, Paul Savramis gets into more detail on how the addition of new RSYF directors of education, overall operations and a good right arm as his executive have given him the chance to be creative and pay homage to his late mother’s memory.

Having the luxury of some extra time and much less pressure at work day to day have allowed Savramis to revisit his early passions and do some artwork “on the side.”  

Paul Savramis’ interest in art stems from his late mother, Helen “Nitsa” Savramis. Mrs. Savramis worked as an illustrator and painter but was never too busy to help encourage her son’s artistic endeavors. Paul Savramis                                      

While Helen Savramis was an internationally acclaimed portrait and highly respected real life artist, (Mrs. Savramis was commissioned to paint the portraits of the then Royal Family of Greece) Paul Savramis concentrated in cartooning. Working as a storyboard artist with Marvel comics in the early 70’s while attending college and weekends at NYC’s Pratt Institute Savramis was a big fan and pen pal of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz and Walt Disney and got invited to meet the artists as he was just beginning his work.

All of Rising Stars’ shirts advertisements, camp brochures and marketing materials are the work of Savramis as well as the name and original mark of the foundation.

Paul Savramis23 years after founding the RSYF foundation, Paul Savramis continues that work and also now “moonlights” doing surfing and mountain art for various apparel companies. Creating designs and doing storyboards keep Savramis busier than ever and help him remain focused on continued new program development and ideas for his foundation. “Keeping your mind active is the key to creativity” added Paul Savramis. “Art has always been a big part of helping me see not only what is -but what is possible. Creating art and having the vision to imagine how things can look when done was the basis of how I taught my classes, conducted my clinics, and what helped me create my camps and foundation.

The way Rising Stars is able to reach and teach kids is centered on the ability to see what works from the perspectives of both student and teacher as well as coach and player. What works well in theory and on paper does not necessarily add up to how a child sees work at school or what’s fun at a practice.

Everything we do stems from that understanding and vision because if it does not work for the child it won’t work at all. Disney and Schulz would be proud.