Paul Savramis Rising Stars Jr. NBA Team Invited to Granity Studios

Paul SavramisRising Stars Youth Foundation founder Paul Savramis says that spring continues to be exciting for the Youth Foundations championship Junior NBA team. These select young athletes were invited to an event to celebrate the inaugural Wizenard Series Training Camp and meet basketball legend Kobe Bryant!

According to Paul Savramis, the event celebrated Kobe’s newest book and other programs produced by Bryant. Granity studios, which Bryant also founded, published the book and is known for telling creative stories that revolve around sports.

Paul Savramis said of the event, “We are thrilled to be a part of this…[and] to partner with another organization that utilizes sports to awaken the imagination of young athletes and foster emotional and mental development that allows them to reach their full potential.”

“Having students read these stories with the chance to discuss them is a great combination. Children get to witness the success of sports-theme stories and that only serves to reinforce the value of athletics in life,” says Paul Savramis.

Of the team’s experience with the Junior NBA, Paul Savramis believes that they took lessons to heart that were about much more than just basketball. Savramis notes that coaches, professional athletes, and other sports professionals are all in an excellent position to use sports as a medium to teach life lessons. He looks forward to working with Granity Studios in the future and praises Bryant for his commitment to today’s youth.


On April 11, RSYF Board Members hosted a meet and greet with 2019 scholarship recipients and their families. This 90-minute event has always been a favorite of Paul Savramis, and he maintains that each year it is a life-changing moment.

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