Paul Savramis: UA Future Teams Show That The Future is Bright

Paul SavramisUnder Armour is one of the most prolific names in sports apparel, says Paul Savramis. But what many people don’t know is that the clothing giant is also a huge supporter of childhood athletics. They sponsor the UA Circuit, which consists of several teams ranging from youth to high school. Rising Stars Youth Foundation is lucky enough to have a few UA teams of their own.

According to Paul Savramis, in addition to the senior boys and girls  having a great run this summer the boys’ UA Future 4th 5th 6th and 7th-grade teams recently made their mark on the UA Circuit.

In Kansas City this year, the 4th graders made it to the  Final Four and the status of being listed as among the best in the country, being beaten only by the #1 team. They finished the championship  round at 13-1. At such a young age, each of these talented ball players showed passion, drive, and determination.

Also making waves in KC, Paul Savramis praises the RSYF 7th grade UA Future team. These kids fought their hearts out and, despite injuries during the season, made it to the Elite 8. Joining the 7th and 4th grade success in Kansas were the 5th and 6th grade teams that did very well in both the AAU nationals and on the competitive NYC summer league circuits. 

These athletes are the cream of the crop and the future of Rising Stars. 

Paul Savramis is also quick to explain many have beat adversity off the court and from all directions to land a coveted spot on these UA teams. He is proud of the achievements made by individual players and even more proud of these boys as a team. It takes hard work, both mentally and physically, to learn how to trust your teammates to the point of working together in beating the odds and winning games. 

Many of the boys on these teams had not played together and did not meet until they wore the same uniform after being in the same classes with Rising Stars teachers. Paul Savramis also notes that some of them would never have played as well on teams if not for learning how to work together as classmates.

Paul Savramis asserts that each player from all of RSYF’s boys and girls teams deserves the credit for any success because of their hard work and dedication on and off the court and puts emphasis on that combination of the two being what makes Rising Stars tick. He looks forward to seeing what the end of summer brings as the student athletes begin to focus on academics  as well as basketball this fall and settle into a new school year.