Hindsight In 2020

Paul SavramisRising Stars Youth Foundation had an eventful decade, says Paul Savramis. There was great sadness but also great joy and many accomplishments along the way. Here, we use 2020 as an opportunity to look back at our past as we prepare to shape our future.

According to Paul Savramis, the deaths of Tyrone Green and Tunney Maher cast a dark shadow on Rising Stars Youth Foundation. However, we picked ourselves up and used their love of the Rising Stars’ mission to continue on.

The 2010s gave us an opportunity to honor their memories by launching our community service initiatives with many deserving agencies throughout New York. Today, Rising Stars Youth Foundation partners with charities that feed the homeless, emphasize individuality and uniqueness among young women, and support the families of children with terminal illnesses. Paul Savramis explains, further, that his organization continues to forge partnerships that will have a lasting effect on both the student athletes and the people who they serve.

As far as basketball, Paul Savramis says he was so happy that the kindergarten through third grade clinics once again picked up speed in the later part of the decade. This is very telling of the popularity of basketball as a bridge between the youth that children are today and the leaders they’ll be tomorrow.

At the beginning of 2010, Paul Savramis explains that the scholarship program through Rising Stars Youth Foundation had just a handful of children receiving educational scholarships. Today, there are more than four dozen in 36 schools across the area.

Paul Savramis says that, although much has changed, many things have stayed the same. With every new travel team and every new initiative, Rising Stars continues to have an impact on New York and beyond. He is excited to see what the next 10 years holds for Rising Stars.

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