Paul Savramis | We’re Adjusting

Paul Savramis says his heart is broken for the many student athletes that Rising Stars Youth Foundation serves. But, in this time of darkness, he says that his team and RSYF families have stepped up to shine a light in the worst of times. Keep reading as Savramis touches on a few key points of the way the organization has adjusted to the wildfire we call Covid-19.

Q: How is Rising Stars Youth Foundation supporting its student-scholars?

Paul Savramis: One of the most important things we’ve done is establish free programs in more than half a dozen areas. Our students can access everything from virtual magic tutorials to ballet classes and a book club. Although achieving structure during these unsettling times is difficult, having at least a few opportunities to take their minds off of the pandemic is crucial.

Q: How can students sign up?

Paul Savramis: We will provide information to students interested in each program via one of our many outreach avenues. Students can access programs through a phone, laptop, or tablet.

Q: Can students interact with one another during these online classes?

Paul Savramis: Yes! Perhaps one of the best parts about these virtual get-togethers is the kids can see and talk to their teammates. They can learn and socialize all at the same time. More importantly, they can see that they are not alone and help quell one another’s fears and anxieties by simply sharing stories about what they’re doing during quarantine.

Q: What do you hope your student-athletes get out of these online courses?

Paul Savramis: Obviously, we hope that they learn something. We want to ensure they have a chance to keep their brains fit. But more importantly, we have implemented these programs as a way to provide stability and normalcy, something many of our students lack during the best of times. We also want to let them know that we still care about them and are working diligently to ensure the program they love will be just as effective when they return.