Paul Savramis: COVID-19 And Its Effects On RSYF’s Youth

Paul SavramisCOVID-19 has cost the world so much, says Paul Savramis. And, despite waning numbers in many areas, it continues to take a toll. And few people are paying more than the students and athletes of the Rising Stars Youth Foundation Family. 

According to Paul Savramis, while the coronavirus was making waves in China, it popped up on his radar. He knew based on data available as far back as February that, should the virus make it to the US, it would change the way his organization operated. Basketball is, after all, a contact sport, and contact is the one thing that has to be avoided to slow the spread.

Once the virus made its way to the United States, Paul Savramis and his team had to make the decision to cease operations. This has had a very profound and negative effect on the student-athletes of Rising Stars Youth Foundation. First, it has eliminated the social support network that many of these young athletes relied on. Next, and just as importantly, taking away basketball has reduced physical activity and the play experience for most of the youth.

Paul Savramis says that the combination of these two side effects are devastating mentally, physically, and emotionally. His position is that play is essential to a person’s overall health and wellness, and especially so to impressionable children and teenagers. He and his team are desperately looking for ways to fill the gaps.

Paul Savramis looks at the case numbers every day and has been following the virus’s progress since it first wreaked havoc in New York. He says that as things continue to improve, Rising Stars will formulate new plans and react in the most socially responsible ways possible. Ultimately, he hopes that life will go back to normal and that the students, parents, and coaches that make up the Rising Stars family will get to be together again.