Paul Savramis On RSYF Alumni

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis says that the Rising Stars Youth Foundation has brought him much joy over the years. But there are a few things that bring the non-profit’s founder greater satisfaction than seeing where the lives of the student athletes lead them. 

According to Paul Savramis, Rising Stars Youth Foundation has given birth to a few of the sport’s most notable citizens. Jay Williams, formerly of the Chicago Bulls, is one of these. Williams currently serves as Rising Stars Youth Foundation’s goodwill ambassador. The five-star athlete and his family are huge supporters of youth sports, both in New York and across the country.

Evan Conti is another notable name in the world of sports that got his start with Rising Stars. Conti is an exceptional player and is also recognized as the youngest basketball coach in the country, lending his skills to NY IT.

More recent student-athletes include Michael O’Connell. O’Connell has been with Rising Stars Youth Foundation since grade school, says Paul Savramis, and was recently offered a scholarship for basketball at Stanford University. O’Connell’s brother, Thomas, is another Rising Stars alumni and is notable as the former captain of Maryland’s lacrosse team.

Paul Savramis explains that what strikes him as the most profound is that there are so many student-athletes that continue to be accepted into colleges on basketball programs, despite the looming pandemic. He says he is exponentially proud of how the young men and women of the Rising Stars family have adapted.

While Paul Savramis says this is just a very small mention of the many hundreds of student-athletes that have graduated the Rising Stars Youth Foundation program in the last 20 years, he says they are excellent examples of what a little positive intervention and a lot of ambition can do.