Paul Savramis | St. Francis Students Receive Scholarships

Paul Savramis

Jonathan Medley, 11th grade, of Laurelton, attends St. Francis Preparatory School.

Fresh Meadows Private School has three new students thanks to Paul Savramis and his organization, Rising Stars Youth Foundation. Three students, freshmen Tyler Michel and Hayden Cutile and junior Jonathan Medley, will begin the new school year at Fresh Meadows Private School. Here, Savramis discusses a few key points of the students and the scholarships.

Q: What is the Rising Stars Youth Foundation scholarship program?

Paul Savramis: Each year, Rising Stars Youth Foundation provides scholarships, which are made possible by donors, to students who show promise in both athletics and academics. The students, which range from freshmen to seniors, are provided with the funds to attend one of the many prestigious high schools in the New York City area.

Q: How are students selected?

Paul Savramis: There is an extensive vetting process, which begins with an application. Rising Stars Youth Foundation staff diligently look at each to get a feel for the student’s determination on and off the court. This year, Rising Stars Youth Foundation chose six students, three of which come from St. Francis Preparatory Academy.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the young men?

Paul Savramis: Each are rising stars in their own rights. Jonathan Medley has aspirations to join the NBA. He also talks about becoming a sports commentator. However, his main goal in life is to be able to help his family and friends as he leaves childhood behind and becomes a man. Tyler Michel would also like a career in basketball but prioritizes working within his community to make the world a better place.

Q: What are your hopes for these young students?

Paul Savramis: As any mentor would attest, the primary goal for us is to ensure they have the opportunity to grow up and live to their potential. The scholarships are just one way that we can help the young men and women of the Rising Stars Youth Foundation do that.