Paul Savramis Recalls Early Life’s Influence On Career

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis is best known as being the founder of the Rising Stars Youth Foundation. But, he was once just a kid from Greece, moving to the United States with his mother Helen.

According to Paul Savramis, he moved from Greece with his mom Helen as a young boy. His mother, a painter and illustrator, was brought in by the Greek archdiocese as an artist. The two made their home in Garrison New York at St. Basel Academy, a home for underserved children.

Paul Savramis spent his formative years being raised in the church and the Academy by his mother, the clergy, and even the other young people with whom he made friends. He says this early experience influenced him heavily as he grew into a young man and decided on what to do with his life.

Helen went on to become an esteemed painter, and she has paintings all over the world. Paul Savramis went to college for physical education and then opened Rising Stars Youth Foundation as a way to use basketball to outreach to underserved students in New York, which became home after moving from Greece.

Throughout the years, Paul Savramis says he has been blessed to meet hundreds to thousands of people through Rising Stars Youth Foundation. He has also spent time directing programs for both the Girls Club of America and the Red Cross.

Recently, Paul Savramis announced that he would donate a chunk of his mother’s art collection to St. Basel Academy. He hopes that this type of gratitude will help to inspire others to follow their dreams and do best by their world.

Paul Savramis and the Rising Stars Youth Foundation have been serving children in the Queens area of New York for more than three decades. He says that without his early experiences, his life could’ve gone in a different direction. He is grateful to the Academy, to his mother, and to all of the people that have supported his dreams and goals throughout the years.